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Run with SA - 5 exclusive original compositions - Preview

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When two artists, who are virtuosos in their respective fields come together, their combined music is a unique production. Run with SA is the brainchild of Maestro Kumaresh R (fiddlingmonk) and Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh who are artistes, composers, collaborators, Gurus and innovators. In their respective fields of Violin and Veena, they have won over fans worldwide for more than 3 decades. Their music is marked by innovation, virtuosity and intense, insightful musical expression and presentation.Soloists in their own right, they come together exclusively in a combination called STRINGS ATTACHED. This much raved about duo, bring to the audience the continuity of the Violin combined with the aesthetic ornamentation of Veena making it a rich aural experience. Their decades of performances has given them a very unique perspective of how to make the traditional classical system of music relevant, enjoyable and unique for today's audience.
How it came about

One day, this husband-wife duo were on a morning walk when the seed of an idea was planted in their mind - to come up with a peppy, unique and energizing music album for running, walking, workout - or a mood booster! The vision was to make this album a refreshing addition to the playlist that creates a happy marriage between traditional and contemporary music.

What's unique about this album

What's unique about this album?After in depth research to identify the type of music that appeals to regular walkers, runners and gym goers, the album incorporates the following elementsThe structure of warm up, steadying, reaching a peak and cool down in a typical workout regime. The average beats per minute for the music that is created for workouts The ideal duration of an album like this The appeal of this music for other occasions like a long drives, to relax or just as an enjoyable listening experience

Why this title

The word SA in the title of the album denotes quite a few things.It denotes the first and basic tonic note that serves as an anchor in Indian music. SA symbolically indicates the tuning of the mind, body and soul to one single note. SA also stands for STRINGS ATTACHED

What was the result

Run with SA - a packed list of original compositions set to upbeat tempo with the soulfulness of the Indian ragas and talas. The tracks have been infused with a universal flavour and has a global appeal incorporating elements from various genres.


Strings Attached

Technical Support

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered -  S.G. Pramath Kiran

Recorded at - LayaDigi studios, Bangalore, India

Album cover art – Tejus Ravi

Concept – Vidhya Mahadevan

Production – Home Records

Website design – Shyamala Narasimhan